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Canoe Mail started out as an experiment in automatically encrypting e-mail and overtime has grown into a private platform for me and a handful of friends to securely communicate.

With Canoe Mail you get encrypted e-mail, text, and voice/audio chat. You also get access to an anonymized search engine. You can read more about Canoe Mail's services below, learn how to get started with you Canoe Mail account, or contact me if you need help.

Recent Updates


If provided with a GPG public key, Canoe Mail will fully encrypt your mail so that only you can read it. In addition to GPG encryption all mail is stored on an encrypted volume for further security and privacy.

Although Canoe Mail has been designed primarily to support desktop and mobile applications, a basic web interface is available at

Read the mail guide to configure Canoe Mail for supported applications.


XMPP is an open protocol which gives you the following features:

  1. Texting and image sharing
  2. Group chats
  3. Full end-to-end encryption
  4. Peer-to-peer audio and video chatting

Your XMPP handle is the same as your e-mail:

Read the XMPP guide to see how you can access Canoe Mail's XMPP server.


Jitsi is a free and open source conferencing tool with features similar to Zoom or Webex: you can play youtube videos, share computer screens, and so on.

You can access Jitsi at

You can host a conference with the following user credentials:


SearXNG aggregates the search results of several search engines and pipes them back to you. Because SearXNG does this as a remote service, all traffic traces back to the server; moreover, SearXNG anonymizes your searches.

You can use SearXNG at

Support Canoe Mail

If you use Canoe Mail and its services, then please consider supporting Canoe Mail by either leaving a donation or by advertising Canoe Mail with the addition of this banner (courtesy of Tom) to your webpage:

You can also support Canoe Mail by sending crypto currency:

Monero: (XMR QR)
Bitcoin: (BTC QR)

If you would like a private address to send a donation to, please e-mail me and I will provide one.