Canoe Mail Chat uses XMPP - an open communication protocol used by familiar names like iMessage and WhatsApp - to provide basic texting, file sharing, and video/audio calling. Unlike those apps however, Canoe Mail’s implementation of XMPP provides greater privacy and security when used with the following programs:

*: F-Droid is a repository of free and open-source Android programs. It should be the preferred app store for anything you need to install and it’s what I use almost exclusively.

Basic Set-Up

After installing a program, you’ll need to configure it. First you’ll need to add an account. When prompted add the following information:

In order to start talking with other XMPP users you’ll need to add them as contacts. Your program will ask you for a JID or username (these are the same thing) and then allow you to start talking.

If this isn’t enabled by default, please consider enabling OMEMO encryption. It will add another layer of protection to outgoing messages Please note that even if you enable encryption, any public chats will not be encrypted.

Multiple User Chats (MUCs)

MUCs are basically group chats. To create one, simply create a chat with one XMPP user and then invite others.

Canoe Mail has a general MUC at g@chat.canoemail.net for questions and updates related to the server. All Canoe Mail users should have immediate access to it, but if don’t see it then contact me and I’ll add you in.

Please do not join massive chats hosted on other servers. This will help preserve storage space and bandwidth. Small group chats are fine. Thank you!

Potential Questions

“Can Max read my private messages to others?”

No. All private chats, calls, and attachments are encrypted automatically by your client with end-to-end encryption so that even the person running the server cannot view them without first obtaining the personal encryption key stored on your device.

Public group chats however, could be read with relative ease.

“Can I talk to people on other XMPP servers?”

Yes. Your global address is yourusername@canoemail.net and looks exactly like your e-mail address. If you find someone else’s global address you want to talk to, you can.