GPGIT Disabled

From now on GPGIT will no longer be running on Canoe Mail. This means that if you provided a GPG key to automatically encrypt incoming mail, all new mail will be received as it was sent (either as plain text or encrypted by the sender).

GPGIT caused a great number of problems for upgrading the server and, if a dependency was outdated, would cause incoming mail to be blank for its users. The automatic encryption was also easy to trick: e-mailing canoemail.NET or CANOEMAIL.NET would bypass the encryption for a user with a key identity at

Canoe Mail is, nevertheless, still fully encrypted. All mail passes through TLS 1.3 encryption and lives on an encrypted partition. The added GPG encryption was really just a redundancy and caused more trouble than it was worth. If you would like to see GPGIT return, please let me know.