Canoe Mail

For those out of the loop, Canoe Mail will be moving to a different server. See the below email:

Good evening, all.

On January 8th, I plan on migrating Canoe Mail’s XMPP and email services over to a new VPS provider. This means that all email, texts, and attachments stored on this server will be lost unless you back them up locally. I will also be pruning inactive accounts, so if you use Canoe Mail and would like to keep your email address please reply to this email.

I will also be discontinuing the calendar, deck, and search engine services due to lack of use and difficulty of maintenance. Preserved accounts will be issued new passwords which will be communicated prior to the migration. Thank you all for your continued support, please feel free to reach out with questions.

Happy holidays, Max

For server maintenance, I now accept Monero donations to keep things running. I appreciate any support.